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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use EmployerApplication?
For the same reasons that you use a traditional headhunter:
  • Active search for candidates instead of passively placing job advertisements.
  • Pre-selection of potential candidates (fast and goal-oriented).
  • Staff recruitment which is legally permitted.
  • High savings in time and costs.
Particular advantages of the EmployerApplication service:
  • Budgetable fixed price without follow-up costs.
  • No commission agreements.
  • Candidates of all professional levels can be sought and found.
  • No limit on professionals and executives, with minimum salaries from €60,000 per year.
Why is the EmployerApplication service so affordable compared to headhunters?
Traditional headhunters work in five steps. We offer you the first two steps (search and initial contact) as a service. You pay only for the resulting expenses.
The EmployerApplication service amounts to approximately 6 – 8% of the cost of a traditional headhunter.
What are the diffrences between EmployerApplication und headhunters?
Differences Employer Application Common Headhunter
Field of activity All industries
All professional levels (from graduates up to managing directors)
Professionals and executives with annual salaries upwards of €60,000 or for a minimum commission of 4,000 on average per placement.
Search sources Business networks (,,, etc.) Business networks ( & & own database.
Method of contact Written contact through business networks. Contact through business networks or telephone contact.
Presentation of the vacancy We announce our client (you) directly. As a result, candidates do not need to send blind applications. We therefore eliminate candidates’ fears that their CVs will be submitted to countless companies. We lay our cards on the table. Headhunters cannot announce the client immediately, as otherwise you could lose the commission.
Applications Candidates will receive your direct contact details and can actively get in contact with you. n/a
Reporting Report of the names of candidates who have been contacted. Report of the names of candidates who have been contacted.
Pre-selection n/a Pre-selection based on further information and personal interviews.
Interviews n/a Presentation of the candidates to the client.
Billing Fixed price without follow-up costs or commissions. Clients pay for the resulting expenses for the search and the initial. Bill for the commission. An average of three months’ salary, but at least 4,000 euros..
Why is EmployerApplication so successful?
Thanks to our direct search with potentially suitable candidates, you can reach applicants before they have worked through countless job offers and potentially come across your job advertisement.

Especially in-demand professionals and executives no longer look for job offers, since they are already regularly contacted actively by traditional headhunters. They are therefore just waiting for the right job offer. We can offer you this proactive service.

Thanks to our concept, you can canvass 2nd and 3rd-tier candidates as well as general employees. Traditional headhunters usually turn down such jobs, as the rate of commission is not appealing. 
How many candidates can be found in career network by EmployerApplication?
Over 24 million in Europe, over 80 million worldwide.
Do you use databases of job boards?
From our experience, this information is not sufficiently up to date to meet our standards. Moreover, these are only one part of the candidate market. Through the business networks, we can see immediately if a candidate changes his/her status to “interested in job offers”. Candidates usually do this weeks before actively searching on job boards or placing CVs. This means that we can get to the candidates for you within a narrow time frame.
Do we have to pay an commission or extra costs?
We offer to search and make contact with suitable candidates for you for a one-off fixed price. This means that there are no follow-up costs to be reckoned with and you can budget your expenses.
Why does EmployerApplication can identify more candidates then our own HR department?
Searching for candidates is our daily business. Manual searches and a knowledge of the individuality of each and every candidate profile make our results even more extensive. What’s more, we also have the capacity and the expertise to carry out this work. In addition, we draw on information that candidates have already sent us for similar positions. This means we can take an even more targeted approach.
Could you consider certain competitors in your search?
We look for and contact employees of your competitors for you in a targeted manner.
How do you contact candidates?
The message functions of the various business networks are used for this.
How many candidates will apply for my vacany?
Based on regular customer surveys, we know that the number of applicants can fluctuate greatly. Essentially, the number of applications is determined by the attractiveness of the position and the company.
How do you define the word "candidates"?
Candidates are employees in other companies or university graduates (if these are required), who correspond to the qualification requirements that we have agreed with you. For this, we look for the highest possible coverage between your requirements and these candidates’ details.
What will happen, if you can not identify 20 suitable candidates?
We calculate our services pro rata, whereby at least a basic amount of 50% of the order value (net) is incurred. This basic amount covers our costs for the started search pro rata.
Are there any functions which can not be covered by EmployerApplication?
For positions in the commercial low-wage sector, caring professions, commercial professions such as heating installers, electricians, waiters. If you are unsure, please contact us by email or by phone. We will be happy to prepare a quick search for you free of charge.